The level of activity in the company has increased

Financially, 2018 was the best year in Collector's history. Revenue for the full year grew by 20 percent. Profit after tax increased by 17 percent, ending up at SEK 602 million before additional provisions for credit losses in accordance with IFRS 9.


We want to talk to our customers

For almost ten years, Carina Regnér has headed one of Collector's largest departments, the Contact Center. The team gets top marks in all surveys and manages to maintain a high level of delivery year after year. According to Carina, the recipe for success is commitment, customer focus and job satisfaction.

Key ratios



Funds (MSEK)


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A long term and business-driven approach

Earning the target group's interest, building loyalty and capturing the position of knowledge bearer in ones industry. That is the basis of inbound marketing. This is one of Collector's marketing approaches and has, since about a year ago, been run by Albin Wetter with the objective of strengthening Collector's business and brand.

The year in brief

Our 4 segments

We are now dividing the operations into four segments. This is one stage in increasing our focus on customers, existing and new ones alike. The change focuses us more on profitability and increases our transparency, internally and externally. You can read more about each of the segments and our services here.

Culture and values

Collector has three core values that pervade our culture and who we are: entrepreneurship, ethics and commitment. These value terms describe what we are like, how we want to be perceived and how we should behave in all situations - towards both customers and partners and towards on another

Meet 3 of our employees

Anniina Ivarsson, Customer Success Manager

"I have been along for the journey since the head office consisted of 60 employees"

I just celebrated ten years at Collector and have never previously had such an inspiring job. My managers have believed in me and I have been given challenging new tasks when I have needed that. I recently left my role as team manager at the Contact Center to work with our partners in Payments as a Customer Success Manager. It was a major step for me to leave the safety of a position where I had answers to all of the questions and to now have to learn completely new things.

Joseph Astorga, Digital Designer

"Collector's core values reflect how I am"

"I have had the privilege of working in all possible groupings and business areas at the company and am impressed by the commitment and drive I meet in my work on a daily basis. Everyone works hard to perform better for our customers and to carry Collector Bank in the same direction, that being, full speed ahead!"

Malin Lönn, Legal Counsel

"We are courageous and innovative"

"The best thing about working at Collector is that "entrepreneurship", one of our values, truly permeates the operations. There is something happening all the time and each transaction differs from the last. For a corporate lawyer, it's always fun, because you always face new challenges and no task is like another, which I love."

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